Qualified Child Custody Lawyers in Littleton

While your status as a husband or a wife may end in the dissolution of your marriage, being a parent lasts forever. When you’re involved in a family law case, it is essential to have legal representation from knowledgeable professionals to protect the relationship you have with your child. At Prendergast Law Firm, our child custody lawyers in Littleton and Parker are ready to pursue a favorable child custody arrangement for you and your child.

In Colorado, child custody is known as the Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities (APR). In this state, APR is a somewhat different concept than the outdated concept of “custody.” Most people are more familiar with the term “custody,” which is why we use it here.

Fair & Reasonable Child Custody Solutions

When determining child custody and parenting time arrangements in a divorce case, most judges start with the notion that both parents are good people and deserve an equal say in the child’s life. From there, judges will consider the evidence concerning each parent’s actual relationship with the child and general parenting abilities to determine whether or not there will be an unequal allocation of parental responsibilities.

Our attorneys believe that child custody issues are much better decided by parents, as opposed to lawyers and judges. We strive to reach solutions through mediation and negotiation that protect the best interests of the child and help to preserve the relationship each parent holds with the child. But when a settlement simply cannot be reached at the negotiating table, we are always prepared to fight for your interests in court. We stand up for the rights of mothers and fathers throughout Colorado.

Guidance from Parenting Coordinators

Courts can appoint a parenting coordinator to give parents on-going guidance in resolving child custody issues. If you agree, this person can have decision-making authority and can help parents resolve high-conflict child custody disputes.

A parenting coordinator can act as a “private judge” interpreting a court order or agreement you have reached. This private judge function can happen only when everyone agrees. Parenting Coordinators can play a significant role in the on-going legal affairs of divorcing or separating parents. The costs of the coordinator are almost always lower than the cost of having two attorneys fight it out in court.

Our attorneys can help you with initial child custody proceedings, as well as any on-going issues that come up along the way. We often recommend using Parenting Coordinators to keep costs down and reach a prompt resolution on day-to-day disputes.

When you cannot agree on child custody with your ex-spouse, call on our attorneys for practical advice and representation. Make an appointment for a free initial consultation.