Seeking Solutions to Issues About Child Support in Littleton

We have found that parents place a very high value on the children’s well-being in spite of the circumstances that led to separation or divorce. The arrangements for child support in Littleton and Parker exist to define each parent’s responsibilities when one household becomes two. At Prendergast Law Firm, we have extensive experience handling family law is and can help you with all aspects of your child support arrangements.

Calculating Child Support

Our child support lawyers help divorcing or separating parents with all aspects of child custody and support arrangements. In Colorado, child support is calculated on a formula that establishes a guideline. This formula takes into account such factors as:

Each Spouse’s Gross Income or Potential Income
Number of Children — Their Age & Any Special Needs
Health Insurance
Day Care
The Number of Overnights Spent with Each Parent
Transportation Costs
Other Unique Factors of Your Case

Schedule B Child Support

When the non-custodial parent has the child overnight more than 93 times per year, he or she may qualify for a Schedule B adjustment. This adjustment takes into account the financial burdens carried by non-custodial parents who spend substantial time with their children. Whatever child support issues you are facing, our attorneys can help you pursue a solution that is best for you and your children. Give our law firm a call to help resolve a child support disagreement between you and your former spouse.