Capable Divorce Lawyer in Littleton

You are scared and facing an uncertain future. The person you fell in love with, relied upon, and confided in is now standing at the opposite end of a forbidding legal divide. Where do you turn? To a divorce lawyer in Littleton and Parker from Prendergast Law Firm. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you through this trying time while protecting your interests and preserving your most important family relationships.

Divorce Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Our firm helps men and women throughout Colorado with complex and contentious divorce cases. There are many aspects of divorce that require the focus and attention of a divorce attorney:

Property Division — We are well-equipped to handle the most complex, high-asset property division disputes.

Child Custody & Support — Your marriage may be ending, but you will be a parent forever.

Spousal Maintenance — Whether you were the breadwinner or the one who maintained the household, we can work with you toward a fair maintenance or alimony arrangement.

Domestic Violence or Sexual Abuse — Did spousal or child abuse lead to the end of your marriage? We assist people in getting the help they need and overcome these troubling issues.

Place your trust in our skilled attorneys, who have a strong command of the legal details surrounding divorce issues, and are attuned to the personal aspects, as well. When you are experiencing emotional turmoil during this troubling time, we can help you find the therapeutic resources you need to move on to a happier tomorrow.

We invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys today.